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Soso Phist

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beyond food/sex tumblr.

beyond food/sex part I

beyond food/sex part II

beyond food/sex part III

beyond food/sex part IV

the breakup chronicles

beyond food/sex part I

beyond food/sex part II

beyond food/sex part III

beyond food/sex part IV

About This Person

Mac OS X

Version 10.7.2

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  • Name Soso Phist
  • Occupation Food Porn Artist
  • Education Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

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Version 1.1

By Soso Phist...

In this project I tried to maximize the use of CSS3.

For the clock and the fake login I used javascript. (knowing the limitations of CSS3).

To fix a limitation of the pseudo-class :target after login via javascript i added a some classes so that the desktop page remin visible even clicking on other links

For more information about this project please visit the link

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SOFIA NTONTIS - Vaginamuseum


The art work produced by Sofia Ntontis, also known as "Soso Phist", mainly deals ... Next to silk-screen printings and collage techniques, Soso Phist's medial ...



May 30, 2014 - For our current I'M ONLINE issue we asked our favourite internet artists to pick a popular hashtag and create a work of webwowness around it.

soso phist - Schikaneder

www.schikaneder.at › Startseite › Programm › Heute

SOSO PHIST. Ins Graue (Klasse Hans Scheirl). Soso Phist kreiert in ihrer Kunst eine Plattform von Begierden, eine Sammlung und Umarbeitung von Found ...

* © Soso Phist - wtf-magazin

wtf-magazin.net/post/59117223679/c-soso-phist -

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"my hips are shy" - Aa-collections


Mar 27, 2014 - Eva Hettmer / Matteo Patti / Soso Phist / Siri Sinarak /. Bild. Hüften, schüchtern huschen sie in die Dämmerung der Vorhänge, im Raum ...

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